MyPAL and MyCRATE Products are Manufactured in the USA FROM START TO FINISH by Trade Show and Go, LLC.


One Pallet: 48" x 48" x 8.5" 
Two Display Tables: 24" x 48" x 30" each


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One MyPAL Pallet System
One MyCRATE Accessory


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The first standard shipping pallet that becomes two display tables in four EASY steps! No Tools Required!

Remove packages

Pull apart pallet

Assemble 2 tables in under 2 minutes

It's Showtime!


We have been using 2 pallets for almost a year and we love them. It’s such a great idea to integrate the display and carrying functions into one thing. Plus the pallets are in good quality and easy to assemble/break down. Your products helped us save money from ordering display tables for each tradeshow.

Alicia,AllenField Co., Inc.

We just wanted to say we are very happy with the MyPAL which we recently used at the PACK EXPO show. Many other exhibitors asked us about the pallet so hopefully you will have some orders coming in as a result.

Stephanie, Sealer Sales

I wanted to send you a quick note and thank you for the product. We did our first show and I can tell you, the crate/MyPAL was great! Easy to put together, had good holding capacity and we never had to wait for it after the show since we utilized the tables.

Ludmila, Davey Water Products

I have to congratulate for your product. We are very happy with the crate we just bought from you, it’s a really nice and solid product and I have just made a two way trip from New York to Phoenix with all of our stuff inside and it came back in perfect condition.

Jorge, Autocab

We LOVE the pallet!! Have used it many times and told other exhibitors about it.

Marlene, Creative Health Products

Every now and again you see a product and are like wow. I literally missed my flight home waiting for my pallet. I paid $600 for two tables. This product is awesome! Nice work. I will def buy one for my next show. No questions.

Sean, American Cable

This is our 3rd MyPal we have bought from you. We love them!!!!

Shirley, Hollowick