MyPAL and MyCRATE Products are Manufactured in the USA FROM START TO FINISH by Trade Show and Go, LLC.

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What is the purpose of the MyPAL-MyCRATE Combo?
The Combo was created to allow the exhibitor to get in and out of a trade show without having to wait for his pallets or crates to be returned at the end of the show.
What is included with the MyPAL-MyCRATE Combo?
It includes one MyPAL and one MyCRATE accessory. MyPAL is the industry's first and only pallet-to-table system. MyCRATE is a collapsible shipping container accessory consisting of 4 side panels, 2 interior bracing supports and 2 top panels. It is engineered to be utilized with MyPAL. Two MyCRATE size options are available.
Does the Combo only come in one size?
No. There are two heights available: 22" and 36" high.
What are the dimensions of the components of the Combo and what does each weigh?
MyPAL: 48" x 48" x 8 1/2" high and weighs 70 lbs.
MyCRATE 22" Option: 48" x 48" x 22" high and weighs 80 lbs.
MyCRATE 36" Option: 48" x 48" x 36" high and weighs 125 lbs.
What is the storage capacity?
22" Option: 27 cubic feet
36" Option: 44 cubic feet
Where are MyCRATE and the Combo manufactured?
They are both proudly made in the USA by Trade Show and Go, LLC.
What is the Combo made of?
It is made of 100% recyclable HDPE.
How long does it take to assemble and disassemble the Combo?
MyPAL and MyCRATE take approximately 2 minutes each to assemble. Disassembly is of equal time.
Are tools required to assemble and disassemble the Combo?
No tools are needed.
Where is the Combo stored during the show?
MyCRATE is collapsible and stores in your booth. MyPAL converts into two tables (or other furniture accessories), during the show.
Are there any additional uses for MyCRATE and the Combo?
Absolutely. With the purchase of 8 support braces, the 36" MyCRATE transforms into 2 counter-height tables.
How long after an order is placed will it be shipped?
All in-stock orders ship within 24 hours after receipt of order.  Delivery times vary depending upon location.
I already own a MyPAL. Can I purchase the MyCRATE now and use it with MyPAL?
Yes, MyPAL and MyCRATE can be purchased at different times. They are engineered to work together.
Can I use the MyCRATE accessory with any other pallet?
No, MyCRATE was made specifically to be used with the MyPAL pallet system.
Does the Combo create two tables?
Yes, the MyPAL-MyCRATE Combo utilizes the same MyPAL pallet and has all of the great MyPAL advantages. And more. See MyProducts for the complete line of available options.